Floor Register Air Filters

Air Filters

Decor Grates "Pristene" High Loft Filters are made of naturally electrostatic 100% polyester. The High Loft design traps 4 times more particles than the leading brand filters on the market today (approx. 240g/sq.yd dust holding capacity). Ideal for all forced air heating and cooling systems, Decor Grates "Pristene" High Loft Filters, removes dust, molds, pollens and bacteria from the air and ductwork. They trap particles as small as .5 microns (1 micron = 1 millionth of a meter) thereby reducing the amount of cleaning at home and ultimately allowing you to breath cleaner air. 

* Manufacturer: Decor Grates
* Includes 4 filters and 1 plastic retainer that easily snaps on to the bottom of any Decor Grate floor register
* Designed specifically for Decor Grates products.
* Change with the seasons every 3 months (or earlier if neccessary)