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The rise of do-it-yourself and hobby decorators over the past few years has brought about an increase of the use of materials like decoratative tiles. Whether a decorator plans to use one metal tile as an eye-catching spot or many metal tiles as the main element in a floor or wall design, tiles are perfect when you want to give a room a unique look.

Why use metal decorative tiles?

-  Multi-use

-  Size

-  Material

-  Designs

-  Manufacturer

-  Installation


Why use metal wall tiles?

Because these decorative pieces will add beauty, quality, originality, thought, and value to any room in a household. Unlike ceramic tiles, metal wall tiles are resistant to heat chipping, and oxidation. Their quality and elegance will bring you a colossal advantage over ceramics or painted plastics. And if you are concerned with price - it is a fraction of the cost of regular tiles. Let’s not forget that you don’t need too many decorative tiles in order to make you kitchen backsplash or bathroom floor into a site for anyone to envy.

These decorative tiles can be used for both floor and wall tiling.

Various kitchen designs can be made using our wall tiles. Use your imagination and place them where ever your heart desires. Some examples of popular wall tile patterns have been jack-on-jack - chess like design, running bond - similar to rectangular bulls eye, crossroads - in the middle of the room or several smaller crosses closer to the room perimeter, stairs - decorative tiles are positioned in a diagonal line across the room, path - metal tiles are marking the path that a guest takes when he enters the household. There are literally hundreds of possibilities with using different accent designs and finish.

Metal tile wall designs are also fruitful in numbers. Our decorative tiles can become a symbol or a story, a memory or a thought, a show of beauty and style all in one. Take a kitchen as an example. Ceramic tiles are a normal site in any kitchen. By inserting a well positioned Chinese symbol or a floral sign tile in between those wall tiles, you can add that little something original and special to a usually cold kitchen tiling. By placing several of metal tiles in a row, you can tell a story or simply keep a memory of someone you care about. Liven up your bathroom, with the Zodiac and Celtic decorative tiles. All you need is a couple to make your bathroom unique and stylish.

Metal Tile Size

The two standard sizes are 4x4 inches and 2x2 inches. It just shows that to decorate your wall and floor you do not need to have a custom made house. Small metal tile here and a larger tile there is all you need to add real class and value to your kitchen or bathroom.

To make your wall or floor borders match the tile design that you have made, we also have border metal tiles that measure 0.75x6 inches.

Metal Tile Material

Our decorative tiles are made from two different metals.

Solid aluminum is a beautiful metal that combines contemporary strength with antique class. This brings the metal tile its elegance, sophistication and durability.

Solid brass is a rich metal that will bring beauty, quality and meaning to any backsplash or floor design. Metal tiles made of this material are quite noticeable and are a popular choice for many decorators. The shine and the thoughtful charm are a sought for commodity. Both metals are resistant to heat, chipping, rust and oxidation. Wall tiles made from these metals can be easily polished and cleaned. This accentuates their value and practicality.

Metal Tile Designs

With phenomenal selection of metal designs we are able to accommodate any home designer. If you are interested in conveying a particular message with your design, choose from our decorative tiles that feature different beautiful and meaningful Chinese characters or different members of the Zodiac. Tiles in floral, cross, or other traditional designs are great for an antique or vintage feel, while wall tiles with sharp geometric designs are a perfect choice if you want a more modern look. Tiles featuring various fruit or animal designs are great for a room with a more fun and carefree feel to it. And for a room that already has a set design theme, we have decorative tiles that are a perfect addition to your existing design such as grapes, the sun, or the ocean.

Metal Tile Manufacturer

Decorative tiles that are sold by Justhomedecor are made by Décor Grates. Their reputation is on the highest of levels, bringing you artisan quality metal tiles. Décor Grates technology creates metal tiles with fine contrast, remarkable accuracy, and acute precision.

Metal Tile Installation

To install metal tiles is easy and simple. All one needs is some patience.

1. Install using an acrylic modified thinset adhesive and/or acrylic-modified grout. These can be bought in practically any construction store. These materials will act as your "gluing" components. To smooth the "glue" out you will need a trowel. If you want to create grout outlines, then you will also want to purchase spacers and grout float.

2. Mix a small amount of thinset as per manufacturer’s directions.

3. Use your trowel to spread the adhesive

4. Place the tiles where you want them to be. If you want to create grout outlines, then you can put you spacers in between the tiles (usually in the corners)

5. If you are creating grout, use the grout float to press it into the slots created by the spacers.

6. After the grout dries up a little, remove it carefully with a sponge or a soft cloth (usually after around 15 minutes) by applying only slight pressure. Rinse the sponge frequently to limit the smearing.

7. If the tiles look somewhat murky, the mist can be removed with simple cloth and some water.

8. Voila! You’ve installed a metal decorative tile. Wasn’t that easy?


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