Floor Registers

Flooring & Walls: Decor Tiles

Such a large area of your home is made up of your flooring and walls, yet many people neglect to or are too intimidated to decorate them properly. However, such a large area just means even more fun when it comes to decorating! When looking for the perfect floor and wall accessories, remember to have fun above all else.

Area rugs and curtains are a fantastic place to start when decorating your floors and walls. Both can also be instrumental in giving a room the specific feel that you want. We have a wide variety of colors and styles available for both. If you are looking to give an old room a new look without breaking the bank, new rugs and curtains are a great way to go.

To add a designer touch to your home, be sure to take a look at our selection of decorative tile. These decor tiles are not as hard to install as you may think.

Floor Registers & Vents

Does your room look almost perfect, except for that unattractive floor vent in the corner? It is likely that the floor registers that came installed in your home detract from the look you are going for. Make them work for you with one of our decorative grates. We have many different styles to match many different interiors. Trade your old air registers for attractive ones that match your decor!

Don't forget the wall art! What you hang on your wall is a great reflection of your personality and style. We have many different wall pieces to choose from, as well as other home decorating accessories.