Flameless Candles

 Flameless & Battery Operated Candles

If you have always loved the atmosphere of a room lit only by candle light but don't like dealing with the mess of dripping wax or are not permitted to maintain any type of open flame, then take a look at our lovely collection of battery powered flameless candles. If you want to set the perfect mood while keeping a high level of reliability and safety, the battery operated candles that we sell are the perfect choice for you.

Made of real wax that offers the warm fragrance of vanilla, our battery powered candles flicker and glow just like the real thing, but without the danger of an open flame. These Flameless Candles will not heat up or burn your fixtures. They will not emit an unhealthy smoke byproduct and they certainly will not create a mess from melting wax like regular candles. Approximately 2 residential fires happen every hour in the United States! These fires occur because of improper use of candles. By making a conscious effort to buy Batter Powered Flameless Candles, you will be actively participating in a fire prevention strategy that many organizations are trying to promote. It's just one less important thing to worry about!

Our candles last FOREVER! Replacing typical candles can be expensive whereas with flameless candles, only it’s two C batteries need to be replaced after amazing 350 hours of lighting time. They possess no danger to your children or pets and emit a mild vanilla scent along with its glow. An on/off switch is located at the base of the candle for easy convenience. The candles are available in 4", 6", 8", 10", and 12" heights and a number of different neutral colors and shapes. 8" and higher sizes come with automatic switch. Check further into our battery operated candles section for more features

Our candles are perfect for your hanging lanterns or wall sconces, or whenever you want a warm ambient light. With a price comparable to designer candles but much longer lasting, make sure that you always have a few on hand. Make a gift to yourself and buy a flameless candle