Shower Curtains

Shower Curtains

Looking for that perfect shower gift or just want a new look for your own bathroom? Shower curtain is the perfect solution. Choose from our incredible collection of fabric and vinyl shower curtains. We carry collections of so many colors and designs that there has to be something in there for you. White shower curtains, blue shower curtains, black shower curtains - we got them all.


Shower curtain purpose

When decorating your bathroom, you must remember that a shower curtains main purpose is to separate your bath tub or your shower enclosure from the rest of the bathroom and protect it from flooding. The secondary purpose is to give you the privacy while showering. Tertiary purpose of the shower curtain is to provide a theme for your bathroom.

Shower curtains in multiplicity of styles

As it goes for all shower accessories, bath shower curtains are one of the best ways to change or enhance the look of your bathroom. People tend to split into two main categories on how they want to decorate their bathroom - unique vs. traditional. We cater to both of these groups of people with our wide and original shower curtain collection.

Let’s say you want a contemporary look to your bathroom, black and white curtain would do great. It can be further enhanced by red and orange splashes. For a more traditional taste, use green and blue colors to emphasize the clinical hygiene and the sparkle of cleanliness. There are many more ways to differentiate between shower curtain styles.

Fabric Shower Curtains

The long lengths of fabrics provide your bathroom with warmth, character, and a sneak peek into your personality. Fabric shower curtains can provide you with a look of femininity and masculinity, fantasy and order, style and uniqueness. Keeping in mind the main purposes of the shower curtain, be advised that if you are using a fabric shower curtain, it is a very good idea to get a waterproof vinyl liner for flood protection. When the shower is being used, the fabric curtains fall outside the bath and the plastic lining goes inside to stop water from dripping on the floor. If you make the linings detachable, the fabric shower curtains can be washed separately.

Vinyl Shower Curtains

If vinyl shower curtain is your choice, then you have a decision to make between having more privacy and having an overall bathroom theme. Vinyl shower curtains come as a solid polyester shower drape and an almost transparent nylon plastic.

The styles of shower curtains today are made to fit almost any tub or shower stall. You can surely find a unique shower curtain that will fit your taste. Whether you prefer fabric shower curtains or vinyl there is a bath shower curtain for you. For the kids there are plenty of designs with Mickey Mouse, fish, birds, and other toy animals.

Other things that you may need when you are buying a shower curtain

Some other  shower accessories  are needed when getting you shower curtain. Often you may need  shower curtain hooks  and rods. Now a day it is very simple to install these decorative shower accessories. Shower rods are spring tension controlled, solid mounting or sliding. You can also avoid the hooks or rings by getting a hook-less shower curtain. On the other hand getting the shower hooks can add a great accent to your bathroom décor. If you have any questions about shower curtains please don't hesitate to call us.

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